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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 15, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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like, everything. he has molded me into the business owner i need to be. when he comes back, he's gonna be like, [british accent] "you've got it, tatiana--yes!"
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>> hunting for answers amid seemingly insurmountable grief. >> let it not turn in to something that defines us. but something that inspires us to be better. >> emotions run high as the community and a nation remember the victims of yesterday's mass shooting. good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm health -- heather holmes. we're learning the names of the 20 young victims, all 6 or 7 years old, and the 6 women who gave their lives trying to protect them. lauren rousseau always dreamed of being a teacher. and the family of 7-year-old grace mcdonell called her the love and light of their lives. emilie parker's father said his daughter loved to draw and make cards to cheer up friends and
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family. >> my daughter emilie would be one of the first ones to be standing and giving her love and support to all those victims, and her love and the strength that she gave us and the example she showed us is remarkable. she is an incredible person. and i'm so blessed to be her dad. emilie's father said he hoped the tragedy at the elementary school would bring out the best in people. he expressed condolences to all the families, including the family of the gunman. we're learning new details about 20-year-old adam lanza, the man police say is responsible for the shooting. lanza had been diagnosed with with as
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with asperger's, a milder form of autism. >> people are remembering 27-year-old vickie soto who guided her 1st grade class in to a corner and threw herself in front of them to shield them from the gunfire. we have team coverage. we begin with john sasaki. >> this community is bustling on a saturday night but with heavy hearts. that's how it's been all day. >> it felt so unreal. to think that those poor childre something like this coming. and those parents who now have to live without their children. it's too much. >> reporter: beyond the schoolh is so profoundly impacted, some people nearby also witnessed the devastation. >> we came around the corner of the fire house, two little boys,
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one screaming hysterically, and the other one telling him "stop, stop." >> reporter: she says this tragedy would forever change her fond memories of being a student at sandy hook elementary. >> i remember the school as a happy harmonious, safe place and it's been taken away. >> reporter: help as been pouring in to the area from across the state, including from hartford where crisis responders know violence all too well. is >> we want to pour our love in and say this could have been our children. this could have been anybody's children. >> serious mental health issues we have yet to even begin to talk about. >> reporter: this man said he had stood out here all night long. >> it's heartbreaking to hear that, especially that there's little kids involved. i don't know. this guy that felt the need to do this, i hope he burns in hell. >> this is a very busy spot here in sandy hook, one where
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the love is obvious. this community is still in shock but many in some small way starting to heal. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> tomorrow president obama is scheduled to attend an interfaith memorial service in newtown. this will be the fourth time president obama has made such a visit following a mass shooting. in his weekly address today, he offered condolences and a call to action. >> we have to come together and we'll have to take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this from happening, regardless of politics. >> president obama did not provide specifics but in the past, the president has supported reinstating a federal assault weapons ban. the medical examiner said he's never had to deal with something like this. >> my sensibilities may not be
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the average man, but this probably is the worst i have seen. >> dr. carver went on to say that all of the victims had been shot multiple times with a long weapon, presumably the semiautomatic rifle found at the scene. >> people all over the world are expressing sympathy for the victims in the massacre. in moscow, people left flowers and stuffed animals outside the american embassy. the prime minister formally sent condolences and said russia's thoughts are with the victims' loved ones. >> in rio de janeiro set a memorial. >> british prime minister offered condolences to the
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parents, saying, quote: it's heartbreaking to think of those who had their children robbed of them at such a young age when they had so much life ahead of them. people gathered in golden gate park to reflect on the tragedy. some people lit candles. others wrote notes to the victims' families while others simply cried. our coverage covers throughout the newscast. coming up at 10:30 we'll have a live report from newtown, connecticut. we have developing news tonight in san francisco where a standoff is now underway with a man and possibly a hostage. that has led to the evacuation of a residential building where the man is hold up. jade hernandez is live at california and larkin with late details. jade? >> ken, police say a man who's threatening he has a weapon is refusing to come outside his apartment. traffic is being diverted from california to larkin and the streets between larkin and hyde are closed.
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no pedestrian traffic is being allowed through at this hour. 30 minutes ago, san francisco police spokesman told us a hostage negotiator is out here. the department has a s.w.a.t. team and their technical command post set up. police cannot confirm whether or not this man has a person inside the apartment with him. but let's take a look at the video we captured earlier when we arrived, which was shortly after police arrived here in the 1400 block of california. officer carlos tells us dispatchers received a call about 6:30 this evening from a man who told them he had overheard a domestic dispute next door. when the neighbor tried to find out what was wrong, the man threatened him, saying he had a weapon. when officers arrived, they called for backup. that's when tactical units arrived and the department set up a mobile command center. the building was evacuated and told everyone to shelter in place or stay inside their apartments.
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>> he is contained. we're attempting to make the tah the suspect, however, he's making it very difficult for us to keep the lines of communication open so we're using every means possible so we can end this in a peaceful resolution. >> police say they can't confirm again if there's more than one person hold up inside the apartment. so right now this is a wait and see situation for everyone involved. police have called in the american red cross for anyone who may be locked out of their apartment or can't get to their cars tonight. we'll get an update as soon as police have any new information for us. reporting live in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> on the storm watch tonight, boy, soggy and cold start to the weekend. but the rain could not keep shoppers from hitting the stores today in union square in
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san francisco. people in downtown alameda brought out their hats and sweaters too. the east bay received heavy showers this afternoon and the streets were a little slick. in san jose workers in an emergency shelter say the beds have been filled every day this since cold weather began. dozens of homeless people are having to sleep on the floor tonight. firefighters are concerned about those outside suffering from hypothermia. south bay temperatures were 12 degrees below normal. mark tamayo has been tracking the weather system. you join us now with how much rain fell. it was chilly out there today. >> that was the main component of t . temperatures only in the low to mid 40s. rainfall took its time to get going but as you can see here, it did move through cause the entire bay area. rainfall totals were .20 of an inch. san jose, .14. as far as the cold
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temperatures, these are the highs from this afternoon. only in the 40s. 42 degrees in fairfield for the afternoon high. that would be an overnight low. right now on live storm tracker, not much in the way of rain shower activity. the bulk of the action has moved to the south and the east. rain showers approaching southern california and still lingering rain and snow showers up to the north along the north coast and also approaching parts of lake county. things beginning to quiet down tonight. i'm tracking another system developing out in the pacific. i'll have more on that with your 5-day forecast in just a little bit. investigators say wet weather was not the cause of a fatal traffic accident that shut down part of interstate 280 earlier today. it happened near the west boro boulevard onramp to 280. the cause of the two-car crash is still under investigation. the driver who died was the sole occupant of one vehicle. three people in the other car were not injured.
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highway patrol identified three people killed on a crash on the interstate yesterday. authorities say all of the victims were related and lived in santa clara. dramatic moments in marin county when a car goes over a cliff. what rescue crews say was crucial to this driver's survival. >> getting guns off the street. the massive response today.
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>> we're going to come back. it will always be on our minds, just as 9/11 is always on our minds. i haven't felt this way since 9/11. but the town is resilient. we're going to come back. >> in the midst of grief, people in newtown, connecticut, say it will take time but their town will heal. coming up, a live report on how the bay area is responding to the tragic shootings. new at 10:00, a lucky story of survival from mount tamalpais after a man's shouting most likely saved his life. hikers discovered a driver who went over a cliff. >> we're on four quarters, a well known intersection here on mount tam. a dramatic rescue tonight. >> reporter: fighting darkness and rain, firefighters carry an injured man 200 feet up the side of a ravine. on the road above,
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people power a pulley system providing the muscle. >> it's good that he had the strength and presence of mind to call for people. >> reporter: the 77-year-old driver lost control of the minivan but he never lost consciousness. as he laid injured, he made noise. his shouting heard by a half dozen hikers on the nearby trail. they called 911 and split up. half heading toward him, half to the road to flag help. >> the hikers were very good. they stuck around for a while. they actually asked before they left, do you guys need anything else from us? they did a wonderful job and possibly saved a man's life. >> reporter: the man may have been down there all afternoon. a call had come in hours earlier about a car over the side but crews couldn't find it. the trees and brush are thick. the second time, guided by the shouts, firefighters used chain saws to cut a path to the wreck. >> as i was calling out to him to try to find out where he was, he was answering back. >> reporter: the first rescuer to reach him found the man cold and shivering but coherent.
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>> when i got to him he was kind of hugging a small tree, sitting up right. it was a very steep hill. he was hanging on. >> reporter: his hours-long orm -- came to an end. the final 50-foot stretch, steep and slippery, hoisted over the top and in to a waiting ambulance. >> spending the night down there would have been extremely cold. the elements would have -- who knows. he may not have survived the night. >> he was complaining of hip and arm pain and of course very cold. the driver was in remarkably good shape. no word on where he lives or where he was headed when he crashed. he's at marin general hospital tonight. new developments tonight in the recent shooting deaths of two teenage girls in oakland. sources with the oakland police department tell ktvu news that three people have been arrested
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in connection with the double homicide. best friends, raquel gurstel were gunned down. one of the alleged suspects nown custody has confessed to the killings. detectives are continuing to speak with other potential witnesses but say they're not searching for any additional suspects. and oakland police also arrested two people in connection to a shooting earlier this morning. four people were wounded in the gunfire. officers say they found three men suffering from gunshot wounds at about 7:30 a.m. near international boulevard between 84th and 85th avenues. all three of the men were hospitalized. all of the victims are expected to be okay. a drive-by shooting in san francisco's intermission district left a teenage boy seriously injured. just before 1:30 this morning four men in a car opened fire on the teen near 24th street.
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the wounded boy managed to walk about a block to san francisco general hospital where he's listed tonight in critical condition. his name and age has not been released. a 16-year-old boy has been arrested in connection to thursday's bomb threat that shut down monte vista high school in cupertino. classes at the high school were canceled after graffiti at lin brook high school referenced a bomb at monte vista high. a teacher was the named target of the threat. sheriff's deputies and bomb detecting dogs searched the area. no explosives were ever found. classes resumed yesterday. now information tonight on the shooting at the excalibur hotel last night in las vegas. police say it was murder-suicide. no one else was hurt. authorities say the woman worked at the concierge desk and may have dated the gunman in the
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past. a gunman was shot and killed today after authorities say he opened fire outside a birmingham, alabama hospital. the man began shooting people as they came off an elevator at st. vincent's hospital. police say they're studying surveillance video to help them with the investigation. the cities of oakland and san francisco had their largest ever gun buy-backs today. in oakland, people turned in 300 guns. that included a machine gun and military-style assault rifle. organizers had to reschedule 80 waiting cars because it got dark. in san francisco, they ran out of cash after buying back 125 guns. noel walker tells us many had the recent events in connecticut on their minds when they handed over the firearms. >> reporter: guns on every corner and in every trunk. and no one got arrested for it. in
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fact, they got cash. >> cold hard cash. >> what did you turn in to get that? >> my mother's .22 pistol. >> reporter: in a first of its kind gun buy-back, oakland and san francisco police department paired with youth uprising and a private donor to offer cash for guns. no names, no questions asked, just $200 a gun. >> thank you very much. >> what inspired me is the incident that took place in connecticut as well as my own son was murdered. i just want to help out. >> reporter: the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut, happened less than 24 hours before people started lining up in oakland today at 6 a.m. the cars stretched for more than half a mile. >> i've never seen the outcry and involvement from the community like this. >> reporter: organizers used billboards and word of mouth to show if you build a bridge, the guns will come. >> one gun matters. it only takes one gun, one bullo
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kill somebody. >> reporter: the same scene played out in san francisco like an odd holiday gift exchange. >> after what happened yesterday i hope there's more people here, it's not just for the $200, something that says this is the right thing to do for humanity. >> reporter: the buy-back program has been so successful, they're hoping to make this program state-wide. reports tonight about who president obama's poised to nominate as the next secretary of state. a health scare for the current secretary of state, hillary clinton. why she's been forced to cancel overseas trips. >> damaged from a deadly cyclone as the storm makes its way toward fiji. >> rain clouds are drifting out on the bay area. the temperature change you can expect for sunday. well, well, well.
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rethink possible. >> she told all the kids to get
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in to the bathroom. she shut her door. she turned off the lights. she tried to block the bathroom door a little bit. and she just stayed in there and asked them to be quiet. >> more stories of heroism coming out of newtown, connecticut tonight. the mother of teacher caitlin says her daughter helped save the lives of 14 students yesterday. we'll have a live report in 5 minutes. turning now to the developing news we've been following for you in san francisco. just minutes ago, that standoff ended peacefully. the hostage taker gave himself up to authorities. these are live pictures of the scene. we're told the man has been arrested. there was a female inside but she is okay. police are continuing their investigation. the incident appears to be a case of domestic violence. in news of the world tonight, a deadly cyclone is getting stronger as it moves to fiji after ravaging samoa. here's what it looked like in
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samoa. the damage shown there today. the winds were up to 100 miles per hour. cyclone evan killed at least four people and left thousands of people homeless. evan may become a category 5 storm by the time it reaches fiji tomorrow night. nelson mandela is recovering from surgery tonight. he had gallstones removed this morning from a clinic in johannesburg. he's also suffering from a lung infection. meanwhile the party he once headed, the african national congress, is meeting to select a new leader, widely expected to be south africa's next president. the source of the mayan calendar is enjoying a surge of tourism. worries that the world will end december 21st have drawn curious travellers to the ruins. scientists point out the mayan calendar is like any other, it keeps ongoing.
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there are reports tonight that president obama is poised to nominate mass senator john kerry for secretary of state. some republicans in the senate have embraced kerry for a possible candidate, indicating he could be confirmed easily. the news comes following the withdrawal of susan rice. meantime, current secretary of state hillary clinton is recovering from a concussion she suffered this morning. she fainted and hit her head. she's been fighting off a stomach virus and canceled an overseas trip. our coverage of the school shooting continues. we have a live report from connecticut, plus a closer look at the alleged killer. >> how some local politicians pulled together today to remember the victims. aids affects us all. even babies.
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>> the principal of the school was running toward the shooter in order to protect her students as was the school psychologist. one of the teachers helped people get out of a window. incredible things that people did. >> the superintendant of newtown public schools spoke out about the bravery of six teachers and administrators who gave their lives to save students in connecticut. >> we're learning more about the young students, all of them 1st graders who were killed. >> a father who lost his daughter described his last conversation with his little girl before she set out for sandy hook elementary school. jennifer davis is live in newtown, connecticut. >> good evening to you. the president will be coming heo newtown tomorrow evening. he'll take part of an interfaith vigil and meet with first responders and those who lost loved ones as well.
10:31 pm
that includes the families of eight little boys and 12 little girls, just 6 and 7 years old. . >> reporter: a grieving father shares the last moments with his daughter who was killed in friday's attack. >> i was teaching her portuguese. our last conversation was in portuguese. she told me good morning. asked how i was doing. i said i was doing well. she said she loved me. i gave her a kiss and i was out the door. >> reporter: all 20 children who died were 1st graders. they were shot in adjoining classrooms. >> this probably is the worst i have seen. >> reporter: officials say they still don't know what provoked the attack. adam lanza's family made a statement through police. >> the family of nancy lanza,
10:32 pm
shares a grief of the nation. >> reporter: newtown episcouple -- episcopal church is the second largest in the city. >> we've lost members and everw s somebody. >> reporter: people here have been spending much of the day laying flowers and paying tribute. >> what's important right now is love, courage, and compassion. >> the medical examiner says in order to help families identify their children, they gave them photos of their children so they did not have to see the damage and the result of this rampage up close. today state police said they have good information as to the motive behind the horror but did not provide more details. sources said the shooter did not leave a letter behind. police say 20-year-old adam lanza shot
10:33 pm
and killed his mother, nancy, in their home before going to the school he had attended as a child. contrary to earlier reports, nancy lanza had no apparent connection to the school. today a family spokesman said they are grieving her loss. >> very, very kind, considerate, loving young lady. she lived here, good part of her life. she was very involved in the community. very well respected. >> sources say adam lanza had a mild type of autism called asperger's syndrome. >> hearts are breaking for thol ing with the tragedy. >> reporter: being here on a busy saturday seemed appropriate for this 4th grade teacher. >> i don't have my own kids but
10:34 pm
my students are my own. and just hearing what happened, it just -- devastating. >> i couldn't bear to look at it. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor had strong reactions. >> i couldn't believe it happened. i didn't watch it on tv. i was so shocked to even think this is something that could even happen to anyone. >> reporter: his second thought was to gather together his neighbors. >> any time a tragedy like this happens, it hits me close to home. >> reporter: and let them speak how this affected them. there were also signs that called for gun control. >> i know we have the right to bear arms but at what cost? >> i want gun control, much stricter gun control at the national level. we have to figure out how to have a stronger gun buy-back program here in san francisco. >> reporter: one such buy-back,
10:35 pm
long scheduled for today, took place here in the city. the sheriff at the vigil questioned how mental health services are handled. >> what we've noticed is we're not equipped well enough to deal with the increased population. so these massacres feel a little more like ground-hog day. >> reporter: the more than three dozen people here hope those in newtown, connecticut will know their empathy. >> hopefully they can feel the energy we've brought here. even on a rainy day, we're here as a community to say we support the community over there. >> reporter: in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with ktvu for the latest details. police across the bay area are on the lookout for a parolee suspected in a shooting yesterday that the san rafael
10:36 pm
transit center. ladrakeous sonny dean shot a man at close range on a platform. the victim is expected to survive. police say dean is on parole in solano county and is considered armed and dangerous. firefighters got to play santa today. close to 500 families got their holiday wishes granted as firefighters distributed toys in east san jose. children got to take pictures with papa noel. a captain described the event as a big emotional payout for the department. firefighters spent weeks collecting the toys and much of last night wrapping them up. >> speaking of santa, he was in town. the annual event that brought st. nick and lots to san francisco. >> a lot of santas out there. it was a wet day around the bay area. live picture of union square.
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>> so far this weekend, cloudy, cool, and damp. but the rain showers have moved out for the most part. still a few lingering popup cells out there. we have a quite a bit of cloud cover. as far as right now, rain heading to our south, approaching southern california. we still have some lingering instability showers up to our north that you can't see here. in fact the white pockets do indicate snow out to the east to the mountains there. as far as the current numbers, let's take a look at the live doppler sweep. not a lot to show you but even if you're not covered you could have drizzle or sprinkles. current numbers, dropping back down in to the 40s
10:40 pm
for fairfield and concord. forecast headlines for tonight, cloudy and cool. tomorrow, more cloud cover out there and the chance of a few sprinkles or light showers. cold weather pattern remains in place. we'll be tracking multiple rain chances. overnight lows, first thing sunday morning. probably not as cold as this morning but still will be cold out there. 30s for santa rosa and napa. we could have patchy fog out there. this system produced the cold showers for today. another system is approaching the region for monday. as we head in to sunday, we're kind of in between these guys. we'll hold on to the chance of a spotty shower. plenty of breaks in the activity, more of an opportunity to go outside tomorrow. temperatures will be trending upward for the second half of the weekend. monday, rain, especially as we head in to the
10:41 pm
morning hours. that system will be a snow producer out in the sierra with a winter storm watch. this kicks in sunday night lasting until monday night. snow fall could be up there, 6 to 12 inches. snow levels coming down to about 4,000 feet. here's our forecast model showing this and lots of cloud cover tomorrow morning. the chance of a few sprinkles or spotty showers. pretty much the same deal in to the afternoon hours. look what happens by tomorrow night. evidence of our next system approaching to the north and from our west. as a result, rain chances on the increase in the north bay. temperatures for tomorrow, we're going to bump them up a bit from today's highs, mainly in the low to mid 50s. out of the 40s. here's a look ahead, your 5-dayh your weekend always in view. multiple rain clouds here. rain for monday. chance of sprinkles in to tuesds for wednesday, and thursday we're tracking rain chances. forecast models, trying to figure out that, a solution for day five.
10:42 pm
for tomorrow, going to feel like a heat wave, back up in to the 50s compared to the 40s we had today. if you were in san francisco today odds are you had a santa claus encounter. thousands of santas came to neighborhoods all throughout the city. this was the scene at union square this afternoon. since it began in 1994, it's become known as a rowdy pub crawl. we have major upsets to tell you about. >> warriors do something they've never done before.
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